Artist Statement

I work in painting, from life and photographs, from the private and public realm. Images are usually collaged, worked and evolve as the painting does. I have been exploring how memory connects us as people. When one can relate to another’s memory or thought by looking at an image, it creates a sense of  identification. History acts as a focal point from which to look forward. I want the viewer to connect the images represented to one of their own memories. This space is where the private and public may converge. Hopefully the emotions solicited from looking can repair some discord or fissure; so something broken may be repaired. I try to find common threads and weave them into commentary on life’s musings and tragedies. I'm interested in how our visual memory is conditioned by the quality of image technology available from a particular time. It could be the rendering of paint  from the renaissance, black and white photography or a color digital photo.


David Abecassis completed undergraduate study at the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto, Canada in Sculpture/Installation and photography. He completed studies in art history and studio sculpture in Florence,Italy before receiving  his MFA at York University. He works in New York.

David is a painter who explores installation. Past exhibitions include, Mercer Union Gallery in Toronto Canada, Field Projects Gallery in New York, the New York Armory and the Bronx River Art Center and The Painting Center in New York. He has taught art and shown independently and with artist collectives in galleries and artist run spaces in Canada and in New York. His painting continues to revolve around social aspects of identity and memory.

Curriculum Vitae


Bergen Community College- Architecture and Engineering- Drafting Program, 2016- 18

The Institute for Classical Architecture, Architectural Rendering, 2017- 19.

York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 1994-96, M.F.A.

Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto, Canada,1987-92, A.O.C.A.

Solo Exhibitions:

Blue Memory, No Foundation , Toronto, Canada, 2017

Portrait, Johnson Public Library, Hackensack, N.J. 2013

Candles, Teaneck General Store, Teaneck, N.J., 2013

Universal Soldiers, Pages Books, Toronto, 2002

Ring Pile, Mercer Union Gallery, Platform space, Toronto, 2001

Pattern, The Propeller Gallery, Toronto, 1998.

Nightmare, IDA Gallery, York University, Toronto, 1996.

Selected Group Exhibitions:

Fear, Plaxall Gallery, LIC, New York, 2019

Blue Boy, Sandcastle Collective, Brooklyn, NY, 2019

Monochrome, Site: Brooklyn Gallery, 2019

NYA Gallery, Equinox, New York, 2019

The Other Art Fair, Brooklyn, 2018

Painting the Town, Robert A M Stern Architects Gallery, New York, 2018

Planes, Trains and Automobiles, Monmouth Museum, New Jersey, 2016

The Retrieval of the Beautiful, The Painting Center, New York, NY, 2016

Travel Sketch, Robert A M Stern Architects Gallery, New York,  2016

Drawing From Experience, Robert A M Stern Architect Gallery, New York, NY, 2016

Crescent Street Art Collective, Queens, New York, 2014

Trust in Me, Field Projects Gallery, New York, New York 2013

Virtual Monumental, Bronx River Art Center, Bronx, New York, 2012

Renaissance, Rebirth, Revival, curated by Rachael Faillace, Dr Virginia Butera, Theresa A. Maloney, RSI Bank, Rahway, New Jersey, 2012

OCAD U Alumni. Exhibition, juried by Tobi Bruce, Simon Glass, and Tony Taylor, Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, 2012

Bling, curated by Rachael Faillace, Arts Guild New Jersey, Rahway, New Jersey.  2011. 

The Art Bazaar for Armory week, Chelsea, New York.,March 2011

Greenpoint Gallery, Salon exhibition, Brooklyn NY, March 2011.

Art for Arzei, Teaneck, New Jersey, Feb. 2011.

A Feast of Fools, curated by Sarvia Jasso, Second-Floor, Brooklyn NY.

Small Works, curated by Russell Calabrese and Julie Bills, 440 Gallery, Brooklyn NY., Nov. 2010

Convergence NYC, New York Armory, New York, 2010.

Amoeba to Zebra, Curated by Ylva Rouse., 440 Gallery, Brooklyn, New York, 2010. 

x-initiative art, New York, 2010

Studio exhibition for Canadian artists hosted by the Toronto Arts Council, New York  2009

10th annual small works, 440 gallery, park slope, Brooklyn, 2008.

12 on 12, CCCA, Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, Canada, 2007

Propeller Turns 10, Propeller Gallery, Toronto, Canada, 2006

Rema Hort Mann Auction, Gavin Brown, New York, 2005

Prince st gallery Self-ish, Gallery 128. New York, 2004

Permanent Installation, Holocaust Memorial, J.C.C., Toronto, Canada, 2002

Reactions, Exit Art, New York N.Y, 2002

Artist Unknown, Spin Gallery, Toronto, 2002

Ring Pile, Helene Dennis Museum, Toronto, 2001

A Love Story, Mercer Union Gallery, Toronto, 2001

Last Century Modern, curated by Juno Youn, Spin Gallery, Toronto, 2000

Lifespan, curated by Elizabeth Fearon, Meg Gallery, Toronto, 2000

XX YYZ, YYZ Artists’ Outlet,Toronto, 1999

Ritual, Rhythm, Repeated Action, curated-Virginia MacDonnell, Propeller Gallery, Toronto, 1999

Toronto School of Art 30th Anniversary Faculty Exhibition, curated by John Massier. York Quay 

Gallery, Harbourfront, Toronto, 1999

Awards/ Grants: 

Ontario Arts Council Emerging Artist Grant, 2000

Ontario Arts Council, Green Thumb Collective, 1996

Ontario Arts Council, Toronto-Montreal Exchange, 1994

Ministry of Culture, Communication and Tourism, Toronto-Montreal Exchange

Toronto Arts Council, Collective Unconscious, 1993

Ian Carr-Harris Sculpture/Installation Award, 1991

Programme Coordinator's Award, 1991

Women's Art Association of Canada Tuition Award, 1990

Martin Kastner Memorial Award and Cowan Medal, 1989

George A. Reid Award

Selected Press/ Reviews: 


Drawing from Experience, RAMSA- Robert A M Stern Architects gallery.

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Condensed Teaching Dossier:

At Toronto School of Art, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

     1.     a)1998 - 2000, Instructor, Mouldmaking and Casting- Studio

At York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

a) Visual Arts, Intro-Sculpture Clay Modeling and Mouldmaking FA/VISA 2033.04, Studio instructor, T.A. winter term, thurs. 1:30-5:30, 95-96.

b) Visual Arts, Intro-Sculpture Clay Modeling and Mouldmaking FA/VISA 2033.04, Studio instructor, T.A.     winter term, fri. 9:30-1:30, 95-96.

c) Visual Arts, Critical Issues in the Studio FA/VISA 1000.03, Marker/Grader, fall term, 95-96.

d) Visual Arts, Sculpture as Social Expression FA/VISA 2030.04, Graduate Asst., full yr. 94-95.

e) Visual Arts, Feminism and Contemporary Visual Culture, Special Courses in Art History, AK/VISA, Research Asst., 94-95.

f) Atkinson College, Sculpture, AK/VISA 3501C.08, Technician, summer, 96.

     1.     g)Teaching Practicum at the Centre for Support of Teaching at York University. 

At Dundas Valley School of Art, Guelph, Ontario, Canada

     1.     a)Mouldmaking and Photography, Visiting  Instructor 1996. 

     2.     b)


Bergen Community College, Paramus NJ, Architecture Design, 2016-17.

Institute of Classical Architecture and Art- Architecture Rendering, 2018-19.

York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M.F.A., 1994-96.

Ontario College of Art and Design, Florence, Italy, 1991-92.

Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto, Canada, A.O.C.A. 1987-91;