Virtual Monumental

For: Bronx River Art Center


This virtual installation is located on the grounds of ps 214 at east Tremont ave. and West Farms rd.  It would exist at the school on the east side of west farms rd. and consists of a child’s writing desk, with continuous moving text and images from stories written by grade 1 students. The desk is located against the short wall leading into the school at the gate at the north end of the school grounds.

Video animation is accessed here:

David Abecassis

Work Statement

Bronx River Art Center

Virtual Monumental exhibition

Fiction/ Non-Fiction, a virtual monument to elementary development

This short animation is centered on the subject of the first years of school. The virtual monument is set on the grounds of ps 214. A child’s desk is brought outside and placed beside a low wall under a tree. This is an ideal setting for learning albeit an urban one. The desk is the place of writing and the wall is the screen to visualize. The desk is the site where listening, imagination and repetition occur in the form of writing words and drawing pictures. The images and text they produce come together to demonstrate a child’s understanding of the world as they process the information conveyed. Some is fact, and some veers into fiction, but believable.

Cognition is the basic skill of connecting what the child knows to the information they perceive in the world. The meaning they develop from early experiences will sustain them in later years. This time is so crucial in their development so they become active positive participants in society.

Individual and personal experience cannot help but enter into these texts and images. And so, in a way the kids of our schools are writing their own experiences, stories and in essence, a history of a place in this time.